Prime Minister | PM | E-Gopala App 2020 | Learn its benefits and complete information in Hindi | Registration easily | Eligibility & Benefits

 Prime Minister | E-Gopala App 2020 | Learn its benefits and complete information in Hindi | Registration easily | Eligibility & Benefits

  • The E-Gopala App has been launched on 10 September 2020 with the Prime Minister Matsya Sampada Yojana 2020.
  • The purpose of this application is to increase the income of farmers through innovative methods.
  • Using this application, farmers can increase their income through livestock.
  • Prime Minister Narendra has tweeted that E-Gopala App is a comprehensive breed improvement market and digital platform for farmers.

This allows farmers to access various services.

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Information about various benefits of E-Gopala App: –

  • Let us take a look at the benefits that farmers get from the E-Gopala App: –
  • This E-Gopala App encourages digital literacy among farmers.
  • This enables farmers to increase their income-generating opportunities.
  • It reduces third party interference, helps in clean and transparent transactions.
  • Using this, farmers can get information about artificial insemination, animal first aid, vaccination, etc.
  • Farmers can also take advantage of these information, such as due dates for animal vaccination, pregnancy diagnosis, etc.
  • This will also inform the farmers about government schemes, campaigns, etc.

Key features of E-Gopala App: –

Let us know about the salient features of E-Gopala App dedicated to farmers in India: –

  • E-Gopala App is a digital app dedicated to farmers across the country.
  • This application is designed to sell its products directly to farmers online.
  • It is a unique solution for farmers who do animal husbandry and increase animal productivity.
  • Through this app, farmers can purchase and sell disease-free germplasm in all forms.
  • The various options available in the E-Gopala App are: – “Pashu Poshan“, “Ayurvedic Veternity Medicine“, “My Pashu Aadhaar“, “Pashu bazaar” e.t.c

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Other information about E-Gopala App: –

This app can be downloaded from Google’s Playstore. By registering on this app with your registered mobile number, you will see 6 options.

  • Animal nutrition, here you are given information about animal nutrition.
  • You can get information about the diseases and treatment of your animals on Ayurvedic medical practice option.
  • In the option of My Animal Base, farmers can see information about all their old and new animals.
  • The animal market option provides information on the sale of semen of farmers, artificial insemination technicians and well-bred animals.
  • In the alert option, farmers will continue to get information about the dates of vaccination of their animals.
  • In the organizing option, farmers can get information about the nearby immunization camps or training programs.
  • Direct link to download E-Gopala App: –
  • To download this app, you can go to the direct link of Google Play Store.

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