How Does Microwave Works? All Information About Microwave

How Does Microwave Works?

How Does Microwave Works?

 Hey, I’ve a question: What will happen if I put something into this microwave oven? Read our full post, you’ll know what happen. Work late? Throw something into the microwave oven and you’ll have a piping hot meal within minutes.

 Have left over food? It’ll taste fresh again with this god send machine. 

Why do you have certain food that’s cold in some areas and hot in some?

And most importantly, what settings should you use for any food?

Microwave Oven Working Principal

 Let me explain everything about microwave ovens and the use of all its complicated buttons simplified for you! Oh, this is the real food? 

 Unlike a stove whereby the heat comes physically from the surface of the stove, microwave is different. We’ll use an example you’d not have expected:

 imagine this is a microwave oven. I told you to imagine, right? And this entire office is a big microwave oven.

Microwave Frequency

How To Use Microwave Oven?

 What this router does is simple: it creates radiation so that our phone picks up the radiation which converts it into…, say, a Goody Feed post But it doesn’t affect us, right?

 It doesn’t affect him, too Instead, it only affects things that it aims to affect: like our phones and our laptops.

 That’s what happened inside a microwave oven, too. Just that the radiation is different and much stronger. So strong, it’ll be absorbed into most things. But how does it work?

Microwave Oven Uses

 Once again, to fully understand this concept, you need to have a PhD in physics or chemistry or whatever , so we’re not going to go into the technical details, but just the basics.

 You see, when you put anything inside the microwave oven and turn it on, it’ll spread strong radiation within the oven.

 This radiation will affect the molecules in the oven, but not all types of molecules. It primarily affects the liquids in the microwave. And

What does our food usually contain?

Yes, liquids. The molecules in the liquid would “vibrate” and therefore it’ll be heated. Need an example? So let’s use these two guys. This guy here is a water molecule, and when exposed to the microwave radiation, it’ll vibrate and become hotter.

 See, he’s even sweating now. Because this water is so hot, it’ll affect other molecules around him, like this guy, who’s a solid food. Ta-da: food is hot. Some people say microwave cooks food “from within”, but that’s not quite accurate.

 Instead, it focuses on water molecules. This explains why sometimes, you’d have a food that’s hot and cold at the same time. Because the molecules have “social distanced”. Get it? This is why you’ve things known as microwavable containers.

How To Use Microwave Oven?

How To Use Microwave Oven?

 These containers don’t absorb any radiation, so radiation will just pass through them, like how wifi passes through our body. And here’s the thing: it depends on the material, which means for an item like this, no one would know what’d happen if you put it inside a microwave. because some molecules might absorb the radiation and some might not.

 It’s therefore not safe to use containers that’re not microwavable since the container will absorb the radiation, and if it’s too hot, it might melt and get into your food. In any case, if it’s something with water, you can bet that the water would absorb the radiation.

 This is also why some people place a cup of water together with their food And so, the water will absorb more radiation and therefore less radiation will go to their food. If so, they can just reduce amount of radiation, right? 

 What settings should you use for various foods in microwave?

 Here’s the thing: every microwave oven appears to have different buttons Some even have buttons for individual foods. For this brand… our very own Goody Feed microwave oven, it just has a setting for the heat and a timer. So what gives?

 According to his food, it says… Please heat on ‘high’ for two minutes Now what? What button should I use? Buttons on a microwave oven are actually just marketing gimmicks, because remember, it only serves one function: to spread radiation in the oven.

 Sometimes, you’d see watt or power, but that’s it: it’s just telling you how much radiation will be in the oven.

Microwave Oven Button Uses

 Instead of depending on the oven, you should play by ear. So, for this maybe I’ll go for high and 2 minutes as instructed If that doesn’t work, try another minute. When you get the perfect setting for your food, just remember that.

 You see, those “special” buttons might sound fancy but they won’t know what pizza you’ve putting in. If you’ve a pizza with pineapples, you know what? You should throw it away. Because who the hell have pizzas with pineapples?

But if you’re team pineapple then you can microwave at a lower heat instead of one without pineapples because pineapples would heat up faster.

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